I can adjust existing designs or create brand new designs to fit your desired size, colour palette or budget. Apart from solid coloured cotton, some people have fabrics or items of clothing that I have then turned into quilts or wallhangings.

The options really are endless so do let me know what you have in mind and we can get the ball rolling and come up with something wonderful.

Memory Quilts

I was approached a few years ago by a woman whose mother had recently passed away, and who wanted something to help her own children remember their grandmother. She had lived with them, so the loss was particularly felt by the three young children. Each one chose their favourite items of their granny’s clothes, and I designed and made a quilt for each child.

The little girl chose some of her granny’s cashmere cardigans, which at first I was a little daunted by. Quilters usually prefer non-stretch cotton, and I worried that I wouldn’t be able to do justice to the material I was working with, and that it might not look as clean as I would like. But with the some careful sewing and cutting it turned into a beautiful, and of course very soft, quilt.

Memory quilts are a great way of turning favourite clothes and textiles into items that can be used and cherished in new ways. They don’t have to be used on beds, they can be pieces of art and hung as wall hangings, or something to give to a loved one.

They also don’t have to be for someones passing. They could be outgrown baby clothes, or favourite shirts that have worn out. The fun and beauty of them is that their materials tell a story and help to share a memory.

If you have some special items that you would like turned into a quilt drop me a message to discuss idea further.