Adamstown Patchwork Stocking

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The simple squares of this stocking let the patterned fabrics sing. The layout has been done randomly, just making sure that lights and darks can contrast against one another. It means that each one is unique. The stocking I had growing up was made by my godmother and was a crazy quilt, with Victorian style printed fabrics, and is what inspired this stocking. It is lined in calico and backed with navy cotton.

100% Cotton
Finished size approx. 56cm x 36cm

In my house growing up, everyone had a stocking on Christmas morning. Stuffed with little presents, satsumas, sugar mice and chocolate coins, they helped kick the festivities off on Christmas Day (and also keep the kids occupied whilst coffee is being made).

If I'm hosting Christmas I still make sure everyone has a stocking, including guests.
Fully lined and finished with French seams, they are sturdy enough to be used for years to come and passed on to the next generation.