Midnight Quilt Kit

Midnight Quilt Kit


All the instructions and materials you need to make an heirloom quality quilt.

This is a very sweet quilt, perfect to keep out in case there’s a chill.
Openings in the border allow a pole to be inserted so that you can use it as a wallhanging.
It's also a great size for a little one to use as a play mat.

100% cotton fabric and wadding.
Quilted with wool ties.
Machine washable at 40 degrees.
Finished measurements are approximately 100cm x 100cm.

Pre-cut fabric pieces for your patchwork quilt
Backing fabric
Wool for tying your quilt
A large needle for the wool
Printed instruction book

Sewing machine
Pencil, ruler, scissors, pins, a sewing needle
Iron & ironing board

If you wish to hand sew your quilt you will need a hand sewing needle and a quilters ruler to mark your seam widths.

This kit will take you all the way from start to finish with the following steps:

- Sew the patchwork layer using the pre-cut fabric pieces
- Assemble your quilt sandwich: patchwork top, wadding middle and fabric back
- Sew the three layers together using wool knots in what is known as ‘tying a quilt’
- Bind the edges of the quilt using your backing fabric
- Wash your quilt to felt the wool ties and give it texture
- Love your quilt!

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