Quilting Lesson - Per Hour

£45.00 - £112.50

If you want to start quilting I would be delighted to show you how to get started. I've been teaching quilting classes for over ten years, from complete beginners who have never used a machine before, to people who have done lots of quilting but now want to try improve their techniques.

I have all the materials and equipment needed at my home studio in Peckham, and once you have a lesson you can then get an idea of what you'll need to continue at home.

I can tailor classes to involve whatever you fancy, which is good if you have a specific project in mind. A popular project people come to me with is making a quilt from clothes, especially baby and children’s clothes.

If you would like to get an introduction to quilting I would suggest a 2.5hr class to start with, where we make a mini quilt together. I've been doing this type of class a lot lately and they've been a real success. We get a chance to go through all the techniques involved in quilting from start to finish in a relatively short amount of time and cover:

- learning how to cut fabric
- thinking about colour and layout
- ensuring seams line up
- putting your layers together
- quilting
- binding

Please do email me to discuss your requirements before booking. I charge £45 per hour for teaching.

Lessons also make a great gift for someone who you think will enjoy quilting and I can create gift vouchers.

My home studio is a calm and welcoming environment, and I really do love teaching and getting to know whoever I teach. If there is one thing I have humbly noticed, people often start quilting as a form of self-care. It’s a very relaxing activity that involves time and contemplation and results in the creation of something beautiful.